Safety Management System for UAS Operation

Over the past couple of years it has become clear that UAS regulation in most countries will be created and overseen by the National Aviation Authority (CAA). As a result there is or will be an expectation that UAS operators should adopt the principles of the ICAO Safety Management System (SMS), as set out in Annex 19 to the Convention and in more detail in ICAO Doc 9859 Safety Management Manual. What is equally clear is that many emerging UAS operators do not have a strong aviation background, and therefore little existing experience of SMS.

Started with the scheduled Regulation and Operation Technical Working Group (TWG) on 08 June 2022, followed by a further three additional webinar sessions in July, September and October, and concluding with the TWG meeting in November, WFP Drones team will deliver a complete introduction to Safety Management System (SMS) for UAS Operations. Hopefully, this will give the humanitarian UAS community an insight into the safety management obligations that will be placed upon them and offer a framework on which to build their own SMS.

Presenter: Jo Gillespie/ WFP, Chair of Regulation and Operation Technical Working Group

Safety Management Principles - June 2022

This session focused on general Safety Management Principles

Safety Policy & Objectives - July 2022

This session addresses the first of the four core components of Safety Management System: Safety Policy & Objectives. Referred to as 'The Plan', in which we set out what we intend to do to manage safety and how we will do it.

Management of Risk - September 2022

This session looked at the practical applications of Safety Management System and in particular the Management of Risk. Mitigation and Management was discussed, together with some models and tools to support these processes.

Safety Assurance - October 2022

This session explored the concept of 'Safety Assurance'; how to make sure that everything that is said to be done, is indeed done, in addition to having ways to assess how well it is working. This includes safety performance indicators (SPIs), targets, audit schedules and feedback loops.

Safety Promotion - November 2022

This session is the final part of the webinar series on Safety Management Systems (SMS) for UAS operations. It covered the fourth SMS component: 'Safety Promotion', which includes education, training and communication of safety management principles.