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The World Food Programme (WFP) is scaling technology and innovation as part of its strategy to end hunger by 2030. Looking up to the skies to improve its ability to prepare for and respond to humanitarian emergencies, WFP has been developing the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), commonly known as drones, since 2017.

With support from the United Kingdom’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Development (FCDO), WFP is now focusing on three core activities related to drone technology: develop a global level coordination cell, preposition equipment for humanitarian intervention, and expand the TWG to achieve tangible outcomes in 4 areas: Ethics, Operation & Regulation, Imagery, and Connectivity.

With support from the Government of Belgium, WFP developed a UAS coordination model, and in parallel, built local capacity to use drone technology in countries prone to natural disasters. Recent emergency responses including in Mozambique (2019) have shown that the responsible use of drones can help coordinate and accelerate local partner efforts on the ground.

WFP leverages decades of experience in Aviation, Logistics and Telecommunications to serve affected populations in over 80 countries each year. As part of the wider humanitarian drone community, WFP is well positioned to develop, coordinate and implement the standardized, safe and ethical use of drones for its own operations as well as those of its partners.



Making an impact


15 Countries strengthened by capacity building for 400+ participants 


5 Regions with prepositioned drones


Over 50 Activities from mapping to emergency response since 2017

GETTING INVOLVED: If your organization can help scale up drone technology in a safe and responsible manner for humanitarian use, consider joining one of our UAS Technical Working Groups by contacting: wfp.drones@wfp.org

Find out more about the tradition of technology and innovation at WFP: www.wfp.org/enablers

Innovation is an essential enabler for the United Nations World Food Programme and its efforts to reach Zero Hunger. For more information, visit: https://innovation.wfp.org

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