Capacity building

Training of Trainers

As part of an initiative to build the training capacity in Mozambique, WFP in collaboration with the UN General Service Centre organised a two-week Micro UAS Training-Of-Trainers course from November 22 till December 03 2021 with the aim to train the first group of UAS certified trainers in the country. This will be a first step to create an Unmanned Training Organisation (UTO) in Mozambique.


(Photo credit: Jotinder Singh, UNRSC Entebbe)

Instructed by the UN Global Service Centre and the UN Regional Service Centre Entebbe, 12 trainees (from Mozambique Civil Aviation Authority, Ministry of Interior (MINT), Ministry of Defence (MDN), the National Disaster Management Authority (INGD), the Mozambican Association of Unmanned Aircraft (AMOVANT), Aeroclub of Mozambique and the World Food Programme) came together to become the first trainers in Mozambique.

During week 1, participants followed lectures in Regulations, Aviation Safety, Navigation, Human Factors, Radio Telephony and Meteorology. The afternoons were spend with practical drone flying classes.

Week 2 focused on methods of instruction, presenting skills and how to teach practical drone flying.

(Photo credit: Pierre Lucas, WFP)

All trainees successfully passed the training: 4 participants as Micro UAS instructors, 5 as Remote Pilots and 3 as Assistants.